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Huamei Intelligent Power Supply King Module
Published:2011/9/2 11:06:38 Hit:6119
Huamei Intelligent Power Supply King Module with Long lifetime but without Disturbance Instruction of parallel Connecter
  What differentiates Huamei Module from other products is that this module could be sealed without using epoxy with characteristic of easy heat elimination and long lifetime.The module could be adaptable to the substituion of most Colorful TV power supply circuit with excellent load capacity,The module has the function of over-current automatic protection and short circuit automatic protection.The module has the advaniages of convenient and fast installation,excellent and durable use,without disturbance and with reasonable price.As long as the rectifier-filter circuit and swith transformer of original machine are complete,the module could be installed successfully.If  there is serial power supply,step-down power supply or VCD、DVD、satellite receiver,colorful screen,then you can choose Multi3-terminal Power Supply Module of factory.

  Ⅱ、Installation Method
  1、Knock down the former power supply swith tube or thick film block,install this module in the original heat sink and check whether the paralled surge voltage snubber circuit between the collection electrode of original power supply switch tube and voltage of 300V is complete.If there is some damage,please displace it.
  2、Connect the red wire to the original switch tube C electrode (file effect tube is D electrode)or welding jiont in C electrode of corresponding power tube in the thick film block.
  3、Connet the black wire to the large electrolytic cathode of 400V (hot ground).
  4、Connet the yellow wire to the secondary master power supply(110V-140V)which is at the front of the current rectifier(anode of rectifier tube).
  5、Connet the blue wire to the large electrolytic cathode of 160V(cold ground).
  6、The green wire is remote control switch off wire.The machine will be turned off as soon as the green wire conncts with the hot ground. Therefor,connect the green wire to the C electrode of photo-coupler and knock down other component which are connected with the C electrode of photo-coupler(E electrode connects with the hot ground). Once the photo-coupler diode gets electricity and shines,C electrode and E electrode are continual then.The module is turned off.Contrariwise,the module is on.There are stabilized components on the side of some core photo-coupler diode which should be knocked down(with remaining of switch-off components).For some machine type with two photo-couplers,one should parallel the electrode and E electrode of two photo-couplers together and then use it.For some machine type without  photo-coupler,cut off the green wire and not use it.The circuit controlled by switch on/off doesn't use connection wire.
  7、As long as there is no error after check of each wire,the machine could be switched on.After a prolong of 2-4 seconds,star up the module and regulate its self possessed potentiometer to make the output major pressure comply with this of original machine.Other circuit output pressure adapts automatically(Out house setting vulue of major pressure should be regulated at about 110V).
  8、 If the machine can not be started up after installation of module,one should check if there is short circuit in every secondary circuit.If the pressure is abnormal,one should  check if each filter capacitor is invalid or not. For the machine which is added with photo-coupler switch should insepect the photo-coupler and related circuit.If there is some squeal,over-heat or disturbance,one should knock down other components connecting with C electrode of original swith tube.According to the diagram.add the snubber circuit consisting of resistance R(33k-51K/3w-5w),capacity C(1000P-2200P/630V-2KV) and fast diode.if  the disturbance still could be lightend,one should move the newly added resistence R away and change the diode into resistance of 3-5W 33Ω-39Ω to have a try.
  9、if the waited machine is the type of decreasing the voltage of master power supply,for example,it adopts STR6309,6709,6601,6656 or separated component or newly typed colorful TV with big screen,or the machine type which make tile swith power supply work at the state  of low voltage and provide working voltage for CPU,please choose the pressure lowering module or multi 3-terminal power supply module of our factory.
  If there is some serial typed core,such as Panasonic MILL,Hitachi NP82,please choose the  creative patent products serial and parallel connection used module or multi 3-terminal power supply module of our factory.
  National patent Copyright Reseved
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