The CG Awards

crystal awardsThe CG Awards are given out to a number of different software developers as well as websites, along with the VFX for short films ,etc. These awards are based purely online, and have been awarded to a number of different websites such as Gizmodo, Tech Rader, PC Gamer, etc. in a range of different fields. The CG Awards are announced every year, and they have a select panel of judges which decide which business/ individual or website will win the award in each category, every year. Judges include Andre Luis, Angie Taylor, Bill Westenhofer, Brian Mclean and numerous others. Each judge is a professional within their own field and have worked with some of the most prolific companies out there, hence giving them the expertise and knowledge to perform better.

The CG Awards are sponsored by a number of different companies, most notably 3D pioneer systems, RebusFarm, Creative Bloq Jobs and numerous others. These companies each have achieved excellence within their respective fields, to become the pioneers in their industries. The awards themselves are published by the Future PLC. Future PLC, one of the largest media companies in the world. Future PLC is primarily focused on the publishing of different magazines, and runs 30 different magazines, within the field of photography, technology, video games, etc. The CG Awards celebrate distinguished achievements of websites that have risen to the fore and have differentiated themselves from the rest within their niche.

Those websites that have won the CG Awards can place a logo that is provided by the Awards on their website, further adding to their credibility and providing them with much more fame. Most of the judges that work with the CG Awards are professionals in the field of 3D modeling and supervision, and have extensive experience within this field.

The CG Awards are an online based event, but they span a large number of different fields and categories, ranging from VFX films to the best video game websites. As a result, a person who has done anything in the field of 3D or online based work can apply for the CG Awards. At first, the nominees are decided through a short listing process, and then after a period of deliberation, the judges decide the winner based upon the excellence achieved in an industry.

The 3D World CG Awards have received a lot of positives from throughout the industry, mainly because they provide recognition to websites and to individuals who are striving hard to bring about a positive change within the industry. The CG Awards recognize individuals who have done excellent work over the past year, releasing short films over the internet. Not only does it provide recognition to individuals and companies who have worked on a larger scale, releasing movies and films over a bigger medium, but it also recognizes those individuals who publish their work through limited channels, hence providing an even medium for both to gain recognition. These are not the ‘big time’ award ceremonies that are held all over the globe, but are instead purely based online, and a person who has won a CG Award can be very proud of their achievements.

Held under the auspices of Future PLC, which is the sixth largest media company within the United Kingdom, the 3D World CG Awards celebrate the work of artists, designers, editors and creators over the past years, and since Future PLC has a huge amount of resources at its available, it can also send out award trophies or recognition plaques as requested by the winners through post, providing them with tangible proof of their win!


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